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Guns, Flowers, Clubbing

A down to earth bouncer for club Amorous, working his shifts upstairs near the MVP pool area, making sure nobody unknown gets in or out, unless they are willing to do him some sexual favors to get a pass.

He spends his free time down letting out some steam down at the shooting range, a hobby he kept as a leftover from his service in the police force.

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Soft Centered Giant

Zenith enjoys his new gig at the Amorous club, serving as a calm contrast to his stressful days patrolling the crime filled streets with his deceased partner. While he is a bit overqualified for the job, he is taking things slow to recover from the emotional trauma service brought him.

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While he is known for turning into a bit of a party animal after having a few drinks, he doesn't like to form long-term relationships out of fear of the eventual pain of a breakup. Instead, Zenith keeps his hookups casual, often even forgetting the names of the boys he ends up taking to the lockeroom for a quick romp during his break.

Zenith warms up to the player during the events of Amorous the game, respecting their tenacity to take a verbal lashing without being discouraged. He slowly opens up over the interaction, inviting the player to his shooting range the following day.

Should the player accept, they soon learn Zenith actually is quite the softie once you get to know him. Sending the player flowers and admitting affection.

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He is the most dominant male character in the game, making him an appealing pick for players who want to bottom to a tall muscular top.
According to polling data, Zenith is the second most popular character in the game under Coby.

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