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Dyeing Poison Frog

Dancing, Bartending

A colorful young showman serving up custom drinks at the Amorous club bar. He prides himself on his professionalism, taking his performance above and beyond to impress his patrons.

He wears his emotions on his sleeve, changing colors based on his temperament. He can turn purple when he's feeling embarrassed, and red when angered.

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Shattered Dreams

Jax's background in comedy and juggling made him a pick for the clubs new head bartender and in a way, the face of the Amorous club. He quickly knew the who's who of the nightlife network, learning the names of all the regulars.


He is a bit more difficult to charm in comparison to other dateable characters as he isn't specifically looking for a fling while on the job, the player needs to tend to his vulnerable side after mistakenly breaking some expensive bottles while putting on a show for the player.

Jax gets fired as a result of his antics, being warned previously to only pull out his juggling stunt should the customer be a high paying MVP, and offering too many drinks on the house. He however does not let this event crush his spirits, inviting the player to coffee and a movie the following day, reacting differently depending on the film chosen.

Jax reveals that he had just gotten out of an abusive relationship and is having a hard time shaking off his ex-boyfriend. Finding the courage to cut him off for good.


Jax deems his color changing ability to be a blessing and a curse, making his honest feelings transparent to his guests, but perhaps revealing more then he would like on a first date. Sometime he will turn purple from feeling lustful before he can warm up to that reveal in conversation.

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