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Plated Dragon
Lifting, Cars, Bars

Total DILF likes to remind his guests who wears the pants in his household. He is in a polyamorous relationship with his girlfriend Mariko, but becomes easily jealous of other men that can please her.

He has his own business as a mechanic and is quite the handyman around the house, sometimes wearing only his work-belt when feeling intimate.

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Lesson Learnt

Kane was always proud and protective of his girlfriend's daughter Genesis, seeing her as the perfect way to prove his worth as potential parent material.
He still saw Gen as innocent even well after her 18th birthday, having a rude awakening after walking in on her boyfriend Vergence knotting her in the ass.

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Kane ripped the miscreant out of Gen and kicked him out of the house, forbidding her from seeing him again. Gen's mother Mariko was far more forgiving, letting Vergence into the home against Kane's will, getting her own piece of the action. Kane already felt he was on thin ice with Mariko after discovering Kane's Gindr profile.

Kane began to obsess over Vergence, reminding him of younger version of himself.

He was confident he could beat Verge at his own game, scheming of a way to get back on top.

He tied the young green raptor to his bed and proceeded to dress him up like a twink. Working Verge up to the point of pleading for his first gay encounter. Kane was an expert at milking prostrates with his huge black cock, making Vergence cum from gay anal sex for the first time. Kane knew he has successfully planted a seed when he quietly muttered under his breath if they could do it one more time. No longer resisting, Kane was able to piledrive his new boy toy any way he wanted, ignoring his wife coming home.

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While he was caught in the act, Kane's girlfriend found the situation incredibly hot. She did not mind that her boyfriend was bisexual, just that he was hiding it.
While all the drama did cause a rift in Kanes relationship with Gen that lasted over year, Kane and Vergence have since reconnected to be casual friends. There is a lot of sexual tension between them, implying they are both thinking about a third round to settle the score.


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