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Lifting, Fucking Twinks

A huge physical powerhouse with a 12 inch dick. He lives an unchallenged  life in the jungle fucking small Kobolds, serving as the tribes intimidation factor.

Byrant's cock can grow hard enough to support all the weight of an average sized Kobold without tipping, hanging them from his waist like a sock. Very few slaves can handle his size without passing out.

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The Rex That Can Flex

Byrant was the only known tyrannosaur of the jungle, allowing him to easily tower over and dominate the other species in contests of strength. Fighting to the title of war-chief, he formed a harem of girls offered from all tribes, one being a cute young female raptor who could handle Bryant's 12" cock.

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Byrant loved to be rough during sex, scratching, biting and generally asserting his brute strength over his harem. He would successfully defend his title as war-chief for over a decade before retiring to start a family, marrying his favorite and having a child.

He would be spoiled like a king for his victories, but had a target on his back now that he was past his prime. He would be defeated and ashamed in battle by a new upcoming tribe outside of his authority, forced to retire as reigning war-chief of the jungle.

Byrant would be nursed back to health by his wife, but grew increasingly frustrated to be out of action, witnessing the remainder of his harem suck up to the new big guy on the block.
He decided he would rather be exiled then pledge allegiance to a King that isn't him, murdering the reigning war-chief in his sleep.


SotS Pg34.jpg

He knew breaking the warrior code would put a target on his back, scaring his family off to the city so that they could be safe. He would live a relatively peaceful solitary life in the jungle for a few years while the heat of his crimes died down, approached by a small young girl with an interesting offer of a new harem.

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