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Sunbathing, Jerking Off

A lethargic chubby gator who just wants to kick back, eat well and fuck ass. He's infamous for having huge loads that can drench a Kobold from head to toe.

Deacon is known for his 'lazy dick', where he can always keep a hefty half chub even after getting off, able to cum multiple times in a row. He wouldn't mind being a bottom, so long as they do all the work.

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Deacon Stats
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Fun Under the Sun

Deacon used to spend most of his days laying on his back, letting the water carry him across the lake that he would call home. He would wait patiently for hours slowly watching the small critters cautious come up to the edge of the lake for a drink of water, gesturing with his finger that they should come for a swim.

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Deacon would let the small furries rest on his lap, telling them stories of the jungle and giving them safe passage to the other side of the river, away from predators. He wouldn't make himself a threat, so long as they hopped on for a joyride on his dick before leaving.

As other, more aggressive gators joined his lake, it became too dangerous to have lazy sex across the riverbed. Instead, Deacon would watch any skinny-dippers from the other side of the lake, slowly beating his meat until something more exciting stumbles along.

While he wasn't attracted to girls, a female snake named Amber offered the gator as many small twinks as he can handle, if he would be willing to be her bodyguard in return. After fucking the cute male Kobold she brought with her, he accepted her offer.

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Deacon got a little too friendly with all the male Kobolds, warming up to him as being soft and cuddly instead of the intimidating force he was hired for. He came up with the idea of a hotbox where he could lock misbehaving slaves up and feed them only his dick for days.

Bare Backstreets

It quickly became evident to Deacon over time that Byrant was getting best pick of the kobolds and that he would essentially receive his sloppy seconds. Exhausted, injured subjects that endured Byrant's desires that were barely in condition to take his dick. Deacon's mood further soured as Byrant's son showed up to join the tribe, leading to even more favoritism in the eyes of the Queen.


As the power dynamic began to shift within the tribe with the rapid promotion of Gidgit from slave to King, Deacon's attitude towards his loyalty to the Queen began to sour. He made no effort to fulfil his bodyguard duties, easily allowing the Bounty Hunter Jade to find her way into the village and take the new King off his hands. He then used this disruption to overthrow the village and take the throne for himself. Without her powers, Amber stood no chance in the face of Deacon's tremendous size and strength, booting her out of the tribe and returning the status quo to a gay kobold paradise where he could fuck all the twinks he pleases, offering them protection and land in return.


Deacon's rule will ultimately run short, as Ambers scheming lead her to crafting an army of horny monsters with seemingly no end. Both of Amber's former body guards would end up captured and sent to the colosseum for her amusement, fighting for their lives in the face of certain death.

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