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Piercings, Smoking, Bars

A rebellious tomboy who's androgynous features make them difficult to read in terms of gender on the first meeting. Their broad shoulders and square jaw denote masculinity, yet a narrow waist and wide hips suggest femininity.

They like to play up this mystery as a bit of fun while dating, messing with your expectations.

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Get to know me first

Lex (Formerly Alexia-Alex) hated being treated like a dainty princess by their overly protective parents, being forced to dress to impress and present themselves in a polite manner around guests. After a messy divorce, Lex decided they would carve their own path under a new moniker and punk personality.

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With a new perspective on life, Lex quickly found a niche in misfit culture, favoring bars that are more low-key than the more mainstream clubs like Amorous. Lex asks the player if they want to ditch to another bar, where they get lost in a long drinking game, asking several questions to coax Lex into revealing more information about themselves, only to have them fired back at the player in a fun, flirtatious manner.

Lex needs more time to warm up to being sexual compared to other dateable options, being able to break things off late into their romantic path should the player read the room incorrectly. If they play their cards correctly however, Lex proves to be a very affectionate lover, enjoying cuddles and planning their first time going all the way in advance.

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The game leaves Lex's true gender ambiguous, as both male and female outcomes are possible depending on dialogue options chosen early into the date path.

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