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Having read some fantastic books on the habits of highly effective people, relationships and team projects, I would like to try incorporating core principles we can agree to aim for each day we strive to work on our game! I truly believe that if we synergize together to create a working environment that motivates everyone, we can produce a product that secure exponential growth and opportunity for everyone involved.


We not only want to make a great game for the furry community, but also want to create opportunities for healthy growth and future relationships with our staff! We encourage sharing ideas, suggestions and requests during our weekly meetings. No idea is a bad idea! Even if we fail to implement a feature the way we originally hoped, there is so much to learn from the creation process that will make us better developers.

We genuinely want BBS to be a springboard so that you can make more games, more network opportunities and to build our reputation as a great team who deserves the trust of our expanding fanbase of players and supporters. A well nurtured goose may produce golden eggs in the future. If you feel that you in a losing struggle, let us know of how we can make working on BBS more fun and challenging again!


Making a game is tough! There are going to be periods of burnout, frustration and low self-esteem. Life sometimes throws a mean curve ball that can derail your productivity and the motivation to continue. We are dedicated to make your experience working on BBS as smooth and stress free as possible, making compromises and shifts in schedules to best accommodate your emergent needs.

I find what keeps me motivated even on a bad day is to keep a daily journal and schedule. Game development is a big frog that can be eaten at the start of a day or first thing when getting home, so that we can be rewarded with relaxation at the end of the day where our brains start to lose focus and the energy tank hits empty. If there is a difficult task that is causing procrastination for you, consider smaller frogs you can swallow that aren't as intimidating that still makes meaningful progress each week. As the clutter and chaos in our build decreases, it will become easier to finally eat that pesky frog that has been plaguing your mind!

If you find yourself avoiding your frog for more than a week, please contact me so that we can work on a solution!
Maybe we need to cut up that intimidating task into smaller pieces that are easier to swallow.
A game is developed one small bite at a time!

Realistic Goals.png

Bite off exactly as much as you can chew per week, nothing more! It's important that we make real promises to contribute to the project each week, building trust and confidence. If we need to break a promise due to a disruption in our schedule, it's respectful to let the team know that you will not be available as soon as possible, so we can make the necessary sacrifices that month and disperse the workload more evenly.

We earn our crowd funding budget at the start of each month by the generosity of our Patreon supporters. It is vital that we report meaningful progress to our fans either via a build update, or via hype package that discloses what we have achieved every 4 weeks. Performance evaluations will be made for staff members who are sporadic or disinterested in progressing game development for more than 2 weeks. If this behaviour repeats for the full month, payment penalties reduced responsibilities may become necessary. We want to show utmost respect to our supporters, meaning we need to remain accountable and honest when we are not working on the game.

Our ultimate goal is to make a great game that is both fun to play and fun to develop. If you are growing worried that you will not be able to meet your monthly goals, aim smaller and see what you can achieve in a day! If you are still struggling to get anything done, please contact me so we can find a solution and possible alternative.

BBS Team is.png

• Honest with their current ability to perform, so we can build trust and confidence.
• Willing to make mistakes and ask questions, so that we can grow and learn.
• Eats the biggest frog first, so that we stay one step ahead.
• Creates reasonable daily goals, so we can stay productive.
• Values the team, so that everybody wins including our supporters.

BBS is not.png

• Willing to twist the truth to protect themselves
• Afraid to fail, leading to stagnation
• Conflict avoidant, allowing problems to pile up
• Aimless procrastinators, milking good faith
• Self-Absorbed, unwilling to compromise

If you are interested in joining our development team, please consider applying here!

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