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Mining, Team Building

A brave young kobold with emerald green eyes, willing to put his own tail on the life to save his friends from danger. He is quite wealthy due gold mining, but has become desperate after his workers went on strike.

It's incredibly rare for a kobold to be born blue, serving as a blessing and a curse. He has a love/hate relationship with his new Queen, Amber.

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Servants of the Serpent

Gidgit was head an expidition to mine minerals and gold out of the mountains, bringing the newfound wealth down the city. Despite warning of a a storm, Gidgit encouraged his workers to mine deep into the night, where most would be captured by an uknown creature dwelling deep in the caves.

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Gidgit decided that he would weather the storm, fleeing down to the city to get help. By the time he had formed a small search party the following day, all his workers had gone missing. The surviving few kobolds were terrified, refusing to get back to work until the caves were proven to be safe. After his scout team also went missing the following month, no sane kobold was willing to work for his mining company.

Running out of money, Gidgit went underground to hire a bounty hunter capable of escorting him to the jungle and capturing the creature responsible for taking all of his men. He ended up hiring a rookie named Vergence, venturing out towards the last known location of the scouts the following morning.

The two came across a stunning waterfall, where many of the missing kobolds could be seen liesurely skinny dipping and having sex, with no immediate danger in sight.

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Feeling duped, Gidgit lunged out of his hiding spot asking for answers, unaware that he had walked into a trap. His supposid bodyguard was all talk, getting knocked out with little effort from behind by a T-rex twice his size.

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He would quickly realize that all of his workers had switched sides, pledging their alliegiance to their newfound captor and becoming sexual servants. He tried his hardest to resist, but had all of his possessions stripped and locked in a dungeon until he complied.

Gidgit would undergo multiple trials over the next few weeks, testing his ability to please his masters. He would be forced in line with other new recruits, taking turns to please Deacon, a gator with a huge 11 inch cock sitting upon a throne infront of them.

Refusing to suck his dick, Gidgit was thrown in the hotbox where he would cook under the hot tropical heat until he was ready to comply. Swalling his pride (and a lot of cum), Gidgit pleaded mercy and for a second chance. He kept his head down for the next few weeks, learning how to please his masters and not drawing attention to himself.

Double Trouble Pg 2.jpg

For his final test, Gidgit had to be fucked by his own bodyguard Vergence right infront of the queen. Satisfied, Queen Amber retired to her bedroom while the remaining kobold guards were sent out to fetch a pale of water. While alone, Verge slipped Gidgit his equipment, giving him an opportunity to escape. Gidgit instead decided he would have a final stand, confronting Amber in her bedroom to put her back in her place. After long night of violent sex, the two would form a love/hate relationship, swooning for each other as equals.

Sleeping with Amber made him royalty, earning the respect of his peers as the King of all Kobolds. Gidgit immediately starting making major changes to the rules of the tribe, allowing females and making sexual servitude optional. While some liked the change of pace, many hated how Gidgit was ruining their sexual utopia, forming a coup after Vergence and Byrant left with the majority of the treasure. Gidgit was swiftly captured by Jade and kicked out of the tribe.

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