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Hi I'm Jason! I grew up in a small rural Australian town, turning to the internet for my entertainment. In my spare time after work, I would make online friends and discover the furry community! I quickly became popular for my After Effects animations, making enough income to go from hobby to pro. I have since moved across the world to Canada, attended quite a few conventions and got married! I am very grateful for the career I've had so far, being able to make content we love. Hopefully, you'll love it too!

I Direct most of the content on our website, such as leading development on Bare Backstreets, writing our Comics and managing our Discord Community!

• Animation • Game Dev • Directing • Writing • Rigging • Graphic Design • Streaming


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Hi I'm Kabs! I grew up on a quiet country farm, drawing the horses I wanted to ride when I grew up. I discovered the furry community after getting into the Lion King and fell completely down that degenerate rabbit hole into the artist I am today! Drawing furry art has been my full-time job for over half decade, it has given me many amazing opportunities such as meeting my husband and all the fans who have approached us at conventions. It's a job that let's me express all my horny thoughts, I wouldn't trade it for anything else!

I illustrate most of the content on our website, such as the Character Pages, Pinup Gallery, Bare Backstreets and the scrolling background!

• Artwork • Comics • 3D Modelling • VRChat Avatars • Animation • Tutorials • Backgrounds


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