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Cooking,  Swimming

A chubby middle-aged chef looking for a fresh start on the dating scene. She is more mature than the other girls in the Amorous club, leading to a more well-rounded date structure and level-headed personality.

She stumbles a bit when meeting new people, but quickly finds her groove once given room to blossom. Remy hopes for a looking for a long-term relationship.

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Serving up Smiles

Remy is an Amorous MVP, frequenting the rooftop pool area with the clubs most wealthy clientele. She is a bit awkward talking to potential date partners, instead she just spends most nights gawking at the lifeguards hoping they will take their shirts off.

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Remy warms up the to player after spending a while swimming with them in the pool, slowly realizing that they are interested in knowing her more despite younger girls usually scoring all the flirts and attention. After a heated contest with the lifeguard, Remy invites the player to her kitchen for a lesson in fine dining.

Being big on food leads to Remy putting on a few extra pounds, being one of the chubbier girls that regular the club. Despite this, Remy has no shortage of confidence once she has broken the ice, leading the dates and showing of her impressive cuisine skills, even teaching the player a thing or two along the way. She invites the player to a naked sauna, where they officially take the relationship all the way to 4th base.


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Remy used to be very self-conscious of her weight when she was younger, turning it into one of her key dating strengths as she matured, learning many men consider chubby girls to be a major kink.

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