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Poetry, Novels, Writing

A tender young author wish dreams of having his stories published. He yearns for a insightful, deeply romantic relationship, expressing those emotions in his writing.

He is intellectual by nature, speaking with a broad vocabulary that reflects back to his writing style, hoping to blend those two worlds together.

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New Chapter

Seth decides to write his next chapter as the Amorous club bar, feeling the wild personalities present will be great inspiration to overcome his recent artblock. The attempt is short lived, as he is soon distracted by a deep conversation with a new friend.

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Seth is embarrassed to reveal the full scope of his writing, as many of it's themes are sexual in nature and run parallel to his real life aspirations. He doubts anyone will be able to fully immerse themselves into his romantic story lines, having never been on a date himself.

Seth invites the player to a book reading, where the player can secretly purchase an autographed copy of the book to give to Seth at the end of the date. Seth then bounces several ideas to the player at the local coffee shop thereafter, feeling inspired.

Seth slowly warms up to the idea of approaching his idol with his manuscript for a chance to officially be published, preparing a fancy date in his apartment to celebrate with the player, where the two reveal feelings for each other and end up having sex.

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Despite attending one of the hottest hookup bars in town, Seth is actually a virgin before the events of the game, being too shy to approach anyone.
After opening up however, he reveals preferences for his favorite champagne, flowers, sexual proclivities and many other romantic kinks.

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