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Trans MtF

Hiking,  Martial Arts

A voluptuous shemale known for her dazzling gowns and high fashion tastes. She prides herself on her good looks, something she works hard to maintain with an intense fitness routine.

She has contemplated following through with her surgery feel more complete as a woman, but doesn't want to give up her options to top in the sack.

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More than a pretty face

Mercy has no issue charming the pants off men and women alike within the Amorous club, flirting right out of the gate with full intent of taking them to bed later.
She does however, feel a little embarrassed if her gender is brought up before getting to know the person well enough to share that intimidate detail.

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Mercy hits it off quickly with the player, amping up flirtatious advances and sharing her favorite wine. She knows full well that she is one of the most attractive women in the club and has no issue flaunting it. Thinking she has this date in the bag, she gets a little carried away with suggestions of what they could do later, getting a bit too excited in the process. She notices that she is forming a bulge under her dress, bumping the table and knocking wine onto her crotch in a rush to cover it up before the player notices.

Mercy would stand up to reveal her dress had become transparent due to the liquid, revealing her raging hardon all the club attendees in the room. She would be very embarrassed about this event for a few days, sometimes even thinking she would be better off without it.

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Her ego would slowly repair itself after some successful dates with the player, learning that her throbbing little secret is a valued part of her identity and does not in detract from the potential love she could receive as a partner.

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