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Shiba Inu
Trans MtF
Starbucks, Smoking Weed

A promiscuous young college student who self-identifies as a shemale or dick-girl. She wants her sexual partners to be fully aware of her fat cock when taking her from behind, gladly returning the favor.

She likes to tease straight men into being bi-curious, often successfully during her wild parties, winding down by getting high and relaxing to some lofi tunes.

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Full of Fun Surprises

Mitsu always found the other boys in her class attractive, but lacked the courage to ask them out, fearing they wouldn't want to date another male. Instead, Mitsu spent her spare time posing as a trap on online messenger boards, pranking horny boys looking for hot girls.

Mitsu Shirt Pull.png

Mitsu would slowly develop a fetish for being a passable female, tucking her manhood between her legs and wearing micro-skirts online, whipping her cock out as boys jerk off to her to see if they can still finish. After scoring her first real boyfriend, Mitsu began taking hormone blockers and officially started Identifying as female.

She would undergo breast enhancement surgery at the young age of 18, lumping it together with her upcoming student loans as an investment for her future. With her newfound confidence, her popularity skyrocketed at campus. Getting positive attention from both the LGBT community, and a lot of straight guys too. Her catfish behavior would cause some drama among her peers, but she didn't care if it got her layed.

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While Genesis was known for skipping class, Mitsu became worried when she stopped showing up entirely. Something must have seriously upset her best friend, but she was ghosting everyone on her phone. She decided to contact her boyfriend Verge, who agreed to meet her after work at Starbucks.

As she was closing up shop, Verge revealed all the details of the family love triangle drama, and that Gen had dumped him and run off. Vergence was visibly upset for a guy that tries to act tough all the time, burying his head within his arms so that she would not see him cry.

She sat down in the booth with him, serving a hot drink with plenty of cream. She told him it was okay to have confused feelings for men, and that he shouldn't get hung up on her.

She would meet and become close friends with Genesis, who was another popular queer figurehead at college. Gen had been binding her chest that year to look more like a boy, making their transitioning experience relatable.

Mitsu Verge Anal.png

The two would talk for hours, slowly healing the raptors broken heart with warmth and compassion. Mitsu invited Verge behind the counter where they could further play around with the whip cream, making enough of a mess that they began taken off their pants and licking each other down. Verge would spray a dab of cream on Mitsu's ass before eating her out, following it up by fucking her over the counter.

The two would attempt to hold a relationship together for roughly a year, but mutually agreed to remain friends with benefits.

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