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Cooking, Board Games

An average, middle of the road orange Kobold who found himself enslaved by Queen Amber along with the other first wave Kobolds that were captured in the gold mines. Being the 6th Kobold caught, he was assigned to group Alpha.

A-6 acclimated to the new fuck slave lifestyle pretty quickly, getting promoted to head chef of the kitchen.

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A-Six Servants of the Serpent Comic Kabier Kabscorner Jasonafex Kobold

Serving Up A Feast

A-6 was one of the first Kobolds bit on the neck and knocked out by Amber. He was never really that attached to his mining job, dreaming of the day he can start his own restaurant, if only he had the money. Waking up naked and bound the following day, he considered it a fresh start.

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When offered a job within the new tribe, he jumped on the opportunity to be the head cook. While he wasn't amazing at first, he quickly found his groove, making balanced meals that could help his fellow slaves recover faster from getting their asses pounded on a daily basis.

Like many other orange Kobolds, he was considered 'average' in terms of his ability to please the bigger men, being picked as a last resort compared to rarer, more popular colors. As a result however, he gets more free time to tend to the village and plan extravagent events.

A-6 did get assigned to Gidgit after he was bitten, sucking his dick and riding him until he came. He is more comfortable taking smaller dicks, often passing out when trying to handle the likes of Deacon, Byrant or Verge's knot.

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After Gidgit became King, A-6 decided to stay with the tribe and continue to be a valuable asset to help it prosper. Other tribes would visit to experience his cuisine, and even reunited with his wife now that females were allowed to join their ranks.

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