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Clubbing, Videogames

An open-minded horny teenager who simply wants to have a good time with his friends. He isn't shy about his sexuality, being upfront that he wouldn't mind messing around with you on the first date.

He is infamous for turning most of his straight friends bisexual due to his adorable nature and perfectly round ass that puts most girls his age to shame.

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Pretty Bird

Coby grew up as an only child with loving, but busy parents. His dad is pretty old fashioned, but tries his best to keep up with his sons flamboyant lifestyle. While his parents would have liked Coby to save his money for a car, he insists on owning one of every dragon dildo he could find on the internet.

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Having the permission to start bringing boys home now that he was of age, Coby had a constant influx of friends being introduced to his parents, disappearing into his bedroom and coming out again hours later. Coby would turn up volume the in his favorite video games, makeout with his friends and intentionally lose he can be fucked by the winner.

When Coby isn't having friends over, he's riding his favorite XL dildos and sending nudes of him doing to everyone on his friends list. He hopes to invite over as many friends as he can for a LAN party, where they can take turns fucking him in the ass once everyone's drunk.

Coby stars in the Steam game Amorous, where the new kid shares a bedroom with him in his parents house. The two can go clubbing together and unlock a secret romance option where Coby teases the player on his bed before power bottoming.

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Coby's dad walks in just as they finish up, leading to an awkward conversation before the two hop in the shower together.

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