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Cosplay, Conventions

A shy young introvert who frequently escapes into fantasy as her favorite characters from her childhood. She doesn't think very highly of her herself, hoping that turning her hobby for cosplay into a passion will make her more interesting to others.

She often feels misunderstood by her friends, feeling more at home within her fandom community.

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Party of One

Skye was never a fan of the spotlight growing up, preferring to spend lunchtime hanging out in the library with her nerdy friends. In an effort to get her out of the house more, her more popular friends peer pressured her into going clubbing for her 18th birthday at the Amorous club.


Skye immediately froze up under the loud thumping rave music and dazzling lights, needing to sit down to avoid having a panic attack while her friends went off to have some fun. She had never had alcohol before, and wasn't willing to start drinking by herself to make the night more interesting. Despite getting in full cosplay to celebrate her birthday, she ended up spending most of the night sitting in a booth alone, wishing the night would end.

She would meet the player in a bit of a somber state, allowing them to either feed into her self-loathing, or coax her back into a good mood with some encouragement. She would slip the player her phone-number before leaving in a rush with her friends, texting if they would like to hang out with her under less stressful circumstances down at the gamestore, before ultimately inviting the player to a cosplay convention to meet her online friends.


Skye is a virgin during the events of Amorous, having a shower with the player and then having sex dressed up as either Renamon, Lucario or in her grey natural fur color. She slowly builds her confidence to like who she is without all the fur dye needed.

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