Hunting, Drinking, Petplay

A tough young trapper with ambitions to become a respected Bounty Hunter, capable of handling big game animals. She is not well respected among her peers for her prideful attitude despite lacking results.

She has a hard time bouncing back after being humiliated, needing small victories to help soften the blow on her ego, especially when fucked by wolves.

Double Trouble

Jade grew up on the outskirts of the Jungle, tending to small animals on her fathers farm. While her parents wanted her to grow up to be a cowgirl, she had bigger ambitions of joining the Bounty Hunters Guild where she could go after the biggest creatures in all of the land.

She caught her lucky break after capturing Gidgit, King of all Kobolds all by herself using some simple net traps. While her terms to claim her payment was fairly simple, she insisted on carrying the naked blue Kobold down the mountain to her guild as proof that she was the real deal. Jade did not get the reaction she was expecting, being laughed out of the whole tavern for showboating over capturing something half her size.

Frustrated, Jade snatched the biggest contract she could see on the bounty board, a contract to find an infamous dire wolf named Dirk, dead or alive. Having dealt with regular wolves before, Jade felt the challenge was well within her ability to achieve without much sweat.
She would soon learn dire wolves can be incredibly intelligent, and hunt in packs of two.

Jade would be pounced from behind by Fitcher, a second snow colored dire wolf that was even bigger in size than his brother. Forced into the open, Jade triggered her own snare trap and found herself entangled in a net. The two wolves quickly ripped off Jade's clothes and double teamed her, leaving her stranded and naked in a puddle of wolf cum. With her ego in pieces, Jade had to improvise a new strategy for taming the wolves, using her body as bait.

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