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Dire Wolf
18 (Dog Years)

Hunting,  Pillaging

Despite his sleek, confident demeanor, Dirk is the Beta of the Wolf Pack. The two wolves formed a close bond at a young age, discovering their romantic urges for each other upon reaching maturity.

He has a human-like intelligence, hunting not only for food, but to satisfy his sexual urges. He easily detects traps near his home, using them for his own gain.

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Dirk Double Trouble Comic Kabier Kabscorner Furry Porn NSFW Feral


Competing for the place of Alpha with fellow cub Fitcher, the two dire wolves would form a homosexual relationship together with Dirk taking the submissive role. The two would work together as mind and muscle, taking down their would be captors, having sex with them for fun.

Double Trouble Pg 27.jpg

Being slightly smaller, Dirk offers himself as bait to fool Jade into snaring her own traps, using his brother to knock her into the open where they could more easily deal with her.
The female Lynx almost made it too easy, getting herself tangled in a net. Dirk ripped off her panties with his teeth, licking her pussy while his brother fucked her throat raw.

Patiently awaiting his turn, Dirk pounced his weight atop of Jade as she tried to crawl away, penetrating her virgin pussy and ensuring that she receives his knot. Satisfied, the two wolves left the huntress in her shame, taking her sausage links and steak.
They thought nothing special of the young girl, playing her off as another hot-head who would run back home in fear.

Double Trouble Pg 26.jpg

To his surprise, Jade had returned to their den the following day for a second round, taking off her clothes and crawling on her hands and knees, acting like an obedient dog. Dirk was happy to see how far Jade was willing to go, groping his balls and sucking his dick until he fucked her again.

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