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Dire Wolf
18 (Dog years)

Fucking, Pillaging

The more imposing, muscular wolf of the duo. Fitcher takes what he wants, when he wants it. He has an insatiable libido, mounting his other pack members or even his prey should they present themselves to him.

He would much rather use brute force to overpower his captors, asserting his territory by tying them onto this thick throbbing knot.

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The Biggest Boy

Being the biggest pup of his litter, Fitcher effortlessly asserted himself as Alpha upon hitting sexual maturity. He would overpower and have anal sex with fellow dire wolf Dirk, forming a close relationship where they could do the same to others by working together.

Double Trouble Pg 18.jpg

Fitcher considered himself the plan B when Dirk's schemes didn't pan out, jumping out and dominating his captors with raw force. There are very few species of anthro that can stand-up to Fitcher one on one due to his sheer size. He makes quick work of smaller furries,  stealing their food and taring off their clothes so he can fuck them for sport.

While he didn't think Dirk needed his help to take down Jade, he did have a soft-spot for cat girls. He tackled her from behind, pinned her down by stomping on her arms with his heavy paws and shoved his cock down her throat to muffle her cries for help. She quickly learned the fastest way out was to comply, sucking his rocket until he came. Content, he let Dirk have his way with her pussy while he licked the cum off his own knot.

Double Trouble Pg 11.jpg

Fitcher was delighted to see Jade return for a proper spit-roast the following day. Laying on his back, he let Jade do all the work on his 11 inch cock while Dirk fucked her in the ass. He was more than happy to keep her around as a worthy member to his pack.

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