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 Gambling, Taverns

A tall muscular bull with an addiction for gambling. he likes to spin a long yarn about his victories as a Bounty Hunter, having drinking contests and fucking the bar-maids.

He doesn't like cocky rookies joining his ranks and will be quick to cut them down to size. He is the first to show skepticism towards Jade's ambitions.

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Bernhardt Double Trouble Comic Furry Kabier Kabscorner Jasonafex Bull


Bernhardt is one of the taverns more rowdy regulars, boasting of his victories and spoils. He is one of the strongest men in the area and isn't afraid to show it. He likes to arm wrestle for gold, heckling other patrons to join in for an easy profit.

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He is one of Jade's most vocal critics when she first started appearing in the Bounty Hunter's Guild, hoping to climb it's ranks. He was convinced she lacked the talent to actually hunt anything worth it's weight, taunting her that she was only in it for the fame and validation.

Bernhardt made a game out of whether Jade would succeed or fail, putting down his winnings and hoping to double it by the time she returned. After Jade returned naked, dirty and dripping with wolf cum, he knew he had to up the stakes. This time, he encouraged the entire tavern to join in on the action, creating a massive jackpot to whoever could predict what sorry state the young hunter would walk in with the following day. Bernhardt used his winnings to buy Gidgit outright as his personal bar-maid and wench.

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He would lose the lion's share of his fortune the following day after Jade returned with both dire wolves obediently under her control. The only person to bet on this outcome was Jade, taking the spoils. This also meant by technicality, Gidgit was a free man, but nobody told him.

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