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Coins, Hunting, Gambling

Originating as a simple Rule 34 parody of Gondar from Dota 2, Bounty Hunter has since taken a minor cameo role in our comic series as a member of the BH Guild.

Multiple drafts of a Dota 2 adult comic have been planned, however we haven't decided if we want to follow through, or make our own characters. BH may receive redesigns to be more original over time.

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For the Right Price, Anything

Double Trouble was originally drafted as Bounty hunter tracking down Lycan from Dota 2, only to be cornered and overwhelmed by his summoned dire wolves in the jungle. Instead of leaning so heavily on another universe of characters, Jade took BH's place as the comics lead, and the wolves became Dirk and Fitcher.

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The circumstances surrounding Jade's encounter with the two wolves would expand to include a tavern of Bounty Hunters to help connect the story with Servants of the Serpent, which had just wrapped up weeks prior. As a fun reference to the original draft, a version of Bounty Hunter was added in a cameo role. He still has an affinity for gold like his Dota 2 variant, but is considered a different character with his own backstory, motivations and character relationships. The character may gain an official name and redesign should we find another opportunity to include him in a meaningful way in a future comic.

In pinups, Bounty Hunter is depicted as a reluctant recipient of anal sex, having a furry bubble butt hidden beneath his tattered shorts. While his sexual experience may be lacking, he is open to suggestions if the pay is good enough.

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Included in his gallery are other rule 34 pinups in the Dota 2 universe. If you have any character pairings you would like to see, let us know!

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