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Video Games, Wrestling

Happy go lucky and oozing with optimism, this young pupper may not be the most experienced furry on the force but makes up for it with an unwavering motivation to be the best boy he can be.

Baxter thrives in the face of danger so long as he has the support of a competitive team and the chance for glory among his peers.

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First Day in the Field

Growing up, Baxter always had an admiration for strong video game protagonists and wanted to have adventures just like them. He trained hard on his overall fitness to cosplay as his favorite characters while working hard to officially be accepted onto the force.


As both an amateurs athlete and regular competitor in his local e-sports scene, Baxter loved mingling and making friends with as many people as he could divide his attention with. While not the tallest or most physically imposing male on his sports team, he was always a reliable pick for his undying loyalty and willingness to do anything for his friends under pressure.

Baxter wanted nothing more than to be love and respected by his peers, deciding that serving his community would be a great fit for a potential career choice. He made his own heroic spandex leotard and began fighting crime in his own dorky way while training to be accepted into the police academy. The locker room mostly treated Baxter as a joke, seeing his juvenile take on justice as cute and adorable.


As news of an horny monster outbreak spread across the city, Baxter saw the chaos as his chance to really make a name for himself, even if he had yet to start his firearm training and a long ways away from having a badge. He adorned his favorite blue tights and equipped himself with a super soaker he bought from the toy store to hopefully intimidate his foes long before they realize he's holding plastic.

When water quickly deemed ineffective, Baxter looted a nearby abandoned gardening van to discover it had plenty of pesticide he could spray at these monsters instead. While it didn't permanently defeat the tentacles and piranha plants popping out of the sewers, it distracted them long enough for him to rescue and evacuate nearby civilians. 

Baxter would later prove his genuine bravery and heroism by taking on Dirk and Fitcher head on, sacrificing himself so that his friends could save the day.

He would succumb to the magical spell and turn into a werewolf for a short time before being cured thanks to his efforts.

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