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Snow Leopard

Sword fighting, Taverns

Assumed dead, Leona took on a new look and persona over a decade as a mysterious one-armed warrior.

She serves as the voice of reason among the rowdy group of Bounty Hunters occupying the tavern, fearing nobody and having the muscle to back up her words.

She doesn't like weak men who can't keep up in bed.

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The One-Armed Warrior

Leona was raised with ambitions of becoming a knight that could protect the city from the warring jungle tribes. Like many young warriors, she attempted to defend her village from being pillaged by reigning war-chief of the jungle Byrant, a massive antho Tyrannosaurus.

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Despite only being 18, Leona knew that her small size and immense speed could wear the tyrant down with enough time, guarding herself with her sword. She easily danced around the Rex's offense, awaiting her moment to counter-attack with a mighty swing from behind.

She did not account for the Rex's tail, swatting her sword out of her hands and knocking her to the ground. After a vigorous beating, Byrant picked up Leona's sword and finished her off seemingly for good, cleaving her dominant arm and leaving her for dead.

Leona barely survived the encounter, cursing her own foolishness as she was nursed back to health. While she could no longer be a knight due to her disability, she still believed she could be a powerful warrior worthy of respect, joining the Bounty Hunters Guild.

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She was one of the only patrons of the tavern willing to try and talk sense into Jade, a young hunter with dreams of glory much like herself. She developed a mild crush for Jade after seeing her ride back into the tavern on two giant, horny wolves, redeeming herself in the eyes of her peers.

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