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Witchcraft, BDSM

Insatiably curious, she is willing to go to any lengths to unlock potential in her subjects, often experimenting on herself without fear or hesitation.

Her efforts have made her both a remarkable scientist and completely mad. She spends her days toiling in her dwelling crafting all sorts of potions, ranging from harmless aphrodisiacs to pure chaos.

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Brilliant but Lewd

Mortred spent the majority of her formative years with her beak buried in her books, both to blaze through her college education and for adding additional chapters to her ongoing series of romantic fantasies. Her dream as a scientist would be to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality.

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Unfortunately for her career, Mortred's methods had her disbarred from the practice and under the eye of the law once it was discovered she was concocting illegal experiments in her own home, owning several exotic species and trying to transform them with potions.

She fled to the jungle, earning a reputation over the decades as a crazy witch. Her true age is unknown, as rumors of a witch had been circling the city for decades. Prior to her recent experiments for Queen Amber, she would rarely ever leave her cave dwelling and when she did, it would be wrapped up in a robe and cowl. Rumors spread that she was some crazy old hag to match the reputation of a witch, however her recent reveal to Queen amber is that she has a stunning body that looks no older than twenty. No mere youth potion could net these results, she is visibly bustier and more curvaceous than she was back in the day.

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Mortred was toiling away trying to make a love potion per Queen Ambers request, but these unintentional side effects deemed useful. The true nature of the spell is anyone who consumes the concoction of magical ingredients unlocks their sexual potential, transforming their bodies into a machine built for sex with a mindset to match. Pairing these results with Ambers gem that can influence a horny mind could build an army of loyal subjects overnight.

While her loyalty to Amber is questionable, Mortred is excited to see where this goes as few others allow her to work to this scale.

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