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Jewelry, Back Massages

A proud, spunky young woman her considers herself Queen of the Kobolds. While she may have risen to power by questionable means, her underlings genuinely enjoy the life of sex and luxury she has helped build for them.

She likes to watch gay men fuck each other, considering herself off-limits to their desires.

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Don't Mess With The Crimson Viper

Amber always wanted to be the popular girl at school, but was bullied for her short height and limited vocabulary, having grown up as an orphaned wild child.
She could never quite keep up with city life and hated using her phone. One her 18th birthday, she ran away to the jungle to find her true calling.

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Amber took shelter in a gold mine in preparation for the wet season, using the sparkling mineral deposits to decorate a makeshift bedroom. To her surprised, a team of Kobolds had traversed up the mountain to work, despite the rain.

While Amber was a short girl, she quickly realized that men entering her den were small enough that even she could dispatch the whole group with enough patience. Shrouding herself in darkness and using the thunderstorm to her advantage,

Amber would use her incapacitating venom to bite the workers one by one, dragging them away to her bedroom to tie them up. By the time the storm cleared, the remaining Kobolds realized more than half their team were missing. A small squad that was sent to investigate never came back out, and the rest hightailed it back to the city.
The goldmine was abandoned by the remaining Kobolds due to fear of a dragon living inside.

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Amber wanted to use her new Kobold entourage to build a tribe, but feared they could easily overthrow her authority if they banded together. She needed muscle to assert her dominance. She stripped all the drowzy Kobolds naked, looking for the cutest males in the group that could be used as a peace offering.

Carrying one of the Kobolds over her shoulder, Amber made an enticing offer of all the twinky boys you could want and a life of luxury. In return, they would server he obediently and offer protection should they act out. All the gators laughed at her, but she noticed one named Deacon had began jerking himself off from the story. Amber walked up to the erect gator and give him her Kobold, gently lowering him down onto Deacon's belly, ass pressed against his cock. The groggy Kobold would slowly wake up to see the burly gator looking right back at him, licking his chops.
Looking down, the Kobold realized he was being fucked in the ass by a massive 11" inch cock, passing back out. Satisfied, Deacon agreed to join Amber back in her camp.

Bare Backstreets

Having recruited Vergence and Gidgit to her ranks, both of which seamlessly conformed to the norms of her village of loyal subjects, Amber felt invincible as the Queen of all kobolds. Gidgit was the rarest color of them all and former leader. His servitude made her feel as though she could dominate the entire species.


To maintain a superiority over her subjects, Amber kept an aura of purity in regards to her sexual desires. She would regularly reject the flirtation and romantic offers of her kobold admirers and ban all females from the colony to snuff out the competition. On the odd occasion that she wanted release, she would order her slaves to massage her, but they could not have any satisfaction themselves or face severe punishment.

Cracks began to form in her ruse as lustful desires began to form for her new bodyguard Vergence, who's rebellious and cunning nature deemed a refreshing challenge in contrast to her army of simps. Amber ultimately found herself on the receiving end of Gidgit after he successfully snuck into her palace to overthrow her rule.


Knowing the only way to retain her authority after sleeping with a kobold would be to make him King, Amber quickly found herself miserable sharing the spotlight with a former subject, who's plans for rule involved democracy, equality and other changes to the village that she deemed repulsive. Without the intimidating aura she once had, she quickly lost the respect of her giant bodyguards Deacon and Byrant, the latter took off with his son with her prized stockpile of gold relics and jewels.

Amber hired the Bounty Hunter Jade to kidnap Gidgit, hoping that getting rid of him would bring her authority back. However, the damage to her reputation was already done with Deacon winning the admiration of the kobolds in his place. Down on her knees, Amber pleaded for a spot at Deacon's side but received no mercy for her crimes. Deacon exiled the snake from the village and he was deemed the new king.

Seeking the help of the crazed witch Mortred, Amber plots revenge and a return to her power. Not only the jungle this time, but the entire city!

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