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Pole Dancing, Showtunes

A flamboyant gay Kobold finds his job as a sex servant as the most fun he's ever had. He gets very impatient waiting in line to get fucked by Deacon, trying to get his attention early.

He has a very sensitive prostate and can cum from only a few thrusts in his ass. Regardless, he will power bottom until he falls over from exhaustion.

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C-Ten Servants of the Serpent Comic Kabier Kabscorner Jasonafex Kobold

Quest to Be the Best

C-Ten gets his name by being one of the last Kobolds to join the tribe in the third wave of 'Charlie' recruits, being captured a couple of weeks before Gidgit.
He is still a bit green at taking large dicks, getting excited too early, cumming and passing out.

Pink Kobold Thumb A.jpg

He found himself locked in the hotbox for skipping his place in line, running up to Deacon and pleading for a second chance after a disappointing performance. He would fuck himself with his own tail trying to increase his stamina, sitting on it and riding as if it were a cock.

After serving his time, C-Ten became a pole dancer in hopes of getting picked more often. Pink is the second most common color of Kobold after orange, meaning tough competition getting attention over the rarer breeds. He was one of the Kobolds that slept with Gidgit after he was bitten, dancing for him and riding his dick while he couldn't move.

Feeling that he did a good job making Gidgit cum, C-Ten practiced giving footjobs, hoping that if he got good enough he would have a talent unique to him that would make him a top pick.

SotS Pg21.jpg

After Gidgit became King and liberated the village, C-Ten decided to stay in order to further rise the ranks as a top cockslut. He became one of the only Kobolds who could have sex upside down due their pole dancing background, and can now make Deacon cum completley hands free.

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