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Making his masters happy

An intelligent, cunning Kobold who considers himself his Queens closest ally, even above her bodyguards.

He works hard to go above and beyond his duties as a simple clock-sleeve, keeping the other kobolds in line.

He prides himself as being the standard to beat in terms of proper bottom etiquette.

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B-Nine Servants of the Serpent Comic Kabier Kabscorner Jasonafex Kobold Slave

Know Your Place

B-Nine led the search for the original group of kobolds that went missing. He is the 9th kobold captured in the second wave of Bravo team recruits.
He quickly climbed the ranks to a position of moderate authority after helping organize the other kobolds effectively, picking jobs suited for them.

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He would grow agitated seeing the others slack off, not taking their new role as loyal servant seriously. Unlike them, he would keep himself in shape to keep up with the sexual demands of his masters. Getting fucked in the ass was a privilege that he worked hard for, trying not to break a sweat as it got rough. While his stamina is higher than most, he still has trouble taking all of Deacon's 11 inches without losing composure.

While not physically attracted to his Queen, he highly respects her ability to lead. While others simply play along for the sex, he genuinely believes that her vision brings the best out of his people, and they would all benefit from putting their backs into it.

B-Nine holds a grudge against Gidgit for rising in rank simply for being blue, the rarest color.

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He believed Gidgit only slept with the Queen in order to become King, putting a bounty on his head to get rid of him and restore order back to the way it was.
He was the one to tip of Jade, leading to the events of Double Trouble.

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