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Over-eating, Buttplugs

A tall, thicc Kobold with a pulmp freckled ass. He is the only slave big enough to take a 12 inch cock without passing out, making him Byrant's favorite slave. He received his nickname for being overweight and making a snorting noise when fucked too hard.

He is very shy and often stutters his words, feeling like he is the only naked person in a room.

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Porky Servants of the Serpent Comic Kabier Kabscorner Jasonafex Porkster Kobold Gay Twink Sub

Under Pressure

Porky considered himself to be pretty lame compared to his attractive, charismatic peers. He was frequently teased and bullied for being virgin, giving up his place in line to sleep with Deacon out of shame. He tried to fly under the radar by sweeping floors and cleaning tables, but eventually needed his turn.

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He was so overwhelmed with anxiety that he barely noticed the pain of having Deacon's massive 11 inch dick in his ass, riding it like a champ, hoping nobody will judge him. To the surprise of everyone, he made Deacon cum all by himself without needing to tag out.

Word quickly spread to Byrant, an even bigger male who had grown tired of Kobolds going limp on him when he fucks them too hard. Porky managed keep up with Byrant long enough to still be alert after the huge Rex had finished inside him, although he couldn't walk for the next 30 minutes. He quickly became Byrant's new favorite slave, being first on call for sex.

Byrant couldn't remember Porky's actual number and rank, simply calling for 'the fat one' when he was getting horny. The nickname quickly became official.

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Porky became depressed after finding out Byrant had fled the village with his son, feeling abandoned. While Deacon is a suitable replacement, he still misses the power dynamic that he had with his old master. He hopes he can get fucked by a dick that big again some day.

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