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Horned Raptor
Casual Hookups, Mischief

A mischievous young troublemaker with ambitions of fame and fortune. He can be quite cunning schemer, but his plans spiral out of control as his pursuit of quenching his libido takes over.

Lean, nimble legs give him a slight evasive edge over his captors, however he isn't afraid to use his shapely figure as a bargaining tool when caught.

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Rough Upbringing

Orphaned at a young age, Verge spent his early years scavenging for himself high in jungles. He would eventually grow curious of the city that lay at the base of the mountain, getting adopted into a foster home.

Verge Caught Rough Upbringing.png
Verge Rough Upbringing.png

He quickly made friends with a female plated raptor named Genesis, who loved to tap into Verge's wild side. The two would grow up together, constantly getting into tussles and naked wrestling games. Once hitting sexual maturity, their rough and tumble play turned into abrupt penetration. The two would lose their virginity via anal sex, knotting in his best friend just as her mother Mariko and boyfriend Kane came home.

Kane was not impressed, Kicking him out of their home and forbidding any further contact with Gen under his roof. Stubborn as ever, Verge would still find ways to sneak onto the property and take his sexual escapades to new extremes. The risk of getting caught became a new thrill that even Genesis herself would consider a turn-on.

Mariko gave Vergence her spare house key, allowing him to visit anytime he wanted while Kane was at work. She knew full well that he was fucking her daughter upon every visit, living vicariously through their honeymoon period of sexual curiosity.

Gen's mum began baking cooking snacks and cookies for the two, having a warming attitude when accidentally walking in during a raunchy moment.

Vergence began to visit the family home even when Genesis was still at school, just to visit Mariko and share stories of their escapades. She began to fantasize herself as a sexy, bottomless MILF that her young guest can pursue.

Verge Gen early relationship.jpg

Gen's mother Mariko grew tired of Kane's resentment. She viewed her daughters young love as harmless fun between 18 year olds. It was the same age in which she met Kane, so shaming it made her boyfriend appear hypocritical.


Verge Fuck Gens Mum.jpg

Easily lead on, Verge would take Gen's mother from behind right against the kitchen counter, gripping her neck and ripping open her shirt. Mariko felt guilty for lecturing her husband. She understood how having a deviant in the home could cause a rift after her moment of weakness, telling him everything.

Lesson Learnt

Feeling his home has devolved into a chaotic love triangle, Kane decides to give the vile miscreant dating his daughter a taste of his own medicine in an effort to scare him away for good. He plots a trap and waits for Vergence to enter his home when he expects Kane to be at work.

Verge Kane Nutt.jpg
Verge and Kane.png

Kane overpowers the young green raptor, strips him naked and ties him to his bed. Verge struggles in confusion as he awaits the reveal of his captor. Kane returns with a pink vanity bag, having gone shopping for girly panties and other twink accessories fit for a boy slut.

Kane dresses up his victim and begins to grope and prod the small raptor to make him hard, knowing full well that Verge will be easier to manipulate when he's thinking with his crotch.

Verge reaches his breaking point, begging for some kind of sexual gratification for being forced to be worked up so much. Tricked into believing he'll get an easy lay, the naive young raptor consents before realizing he was going to be taking one for the team.

Vergence quickly learned that he wasn't the top dog of the house anymore. Kane ravaged Verge's ass and planted his seed, taking the young raptors anal virginity and leaving him second guessing his sexuality.

Welcome to the Jungle

Verge's honeymoon period with Gen would hit an abrupt end as she grew wise of his infidelity. She couldn't live in a household where both of her parental figures would pry into her sex life, moving out and needing space from everyone involved.

Verge Byrant Mug.jpg
Vergence Gidgit Shock.jpg

Without a place to call him home, Verge spent the next year couch surfing and trying to hold a job. Unfortunately his libido would get the better of him every time, causing drama.

Desperate for a lucky break, he began responding to hit jobs posted to the black market. Getting his hands on a cheap gun, he successfully tricked a naive kobold named Gidgit into thinking he was trained muscle for hire. Growing up in the jungle did give him some credibility, as he was able to track down the location of the Serpent Queen's secret hideout.

As soon as there was a call to action however, Vergence was knocked out cold by his father Byrant, who promptly carried him away for questioning while Gidgit became enslaved.

Double Trouble

Vergence would get quite comfortable in his new position of authority, being tended to by obedient kobold slaves and fending off intruders. He would even cross paths with Genesis during this time, but the two would soon go their separate ways.

After learning all the inner mechanisms of the camp, Verge devised a scheme to help Gidgit escape, slipping him his gun during a stormy night. While the blue kobold was causing a commotion, Verge helped himself to the Queens riches and hightailed it for the mountains.

He convinced his father to leave the jungle with him and embrace the city life, calling Kane to pick the two of them up and split the profits three ways.

Verge Gen Jungle.jpg

Verge hadn't seen his father since he was a small child, running away Byrant caused the scar over his left eye in a fit of rage. The large purple rex implies Vergence has an uncanny resemblance to his wife now that he's all grown up, offering him a position among the ranks of elite guards for sex.


Verge Gold.jpg

Falling into wealth for the first time in his life, Verge had a rush of impulsive, irresponsible ideas flood into his mind as to what he would do with his share.

Riding the high of his first successful heist, he celebrated by living life as the center of attention. He bought his way into MVP status at all of the biggest night clubs in town. He would quickly become infatuated with a young shiba inu named Mitsu, showering her with gifts and accessories.

Verge and Mitsu.jpg

Mitsu was a nymphomaniac with an eye for all the latest fetish gear and sexual trends. She helped soothe Verge's bisexual insecurities, being trans herself. There was little the two didn't do together, but it became clear that the relationship lacked depth as the endless cash began to dry up. She began playing hard to get unless Verge could keep offering a hot new thrills to keep her enthralled with him.

Verge decided that the high status lifestyle was too much work to maintain, and decided to call off the relationship. He used the little money he had left to buy the latest Bounty Hunter gear and started taking real contracts to prove himself, despite formal training.

Verge Gas Mask.jpg

He would spend the next year attempting simple skirmishes, occasionally taking riskier bounties if the target was attractive enough to spark his interest.
Instincts kept him out of danger, but old habits die hard. Failing contracts for fucking his rivals, captured or otherwise ending up as a liability for his employers.


Verge Nika Sharkeh.jpg

Ironically, Verge's reputation would grow from within the underground community for 'slaying' top talent. He would garner an invitation to the Bounter Hunters Guild, a tavern in which contracts are posted daily, and daring adventurers could boast about their victories.

Verge plays a minor cameo role during the events of Double Trouble, as one of the shocked background patrons witnessing Jade's rise among the ranks, taming two infamous wolves.


Growing fond of other twisted characters within the tavern, he learned a few small tricks of trade. He decided it may be a good idea to lay low in the city after noticing his own mugshot pinned to the bounty board for pick-pocketing.

Verge Bounty Hunter Sex.jpg

Without the call to adventure, Verge fell into old habits of partying and lazing about, slowly burning away his stolen fortune.

Bare Backstreets

Having kept Queen Ambers lucky  amulet as a souvenir from his time as a servant, the cunning raptor concluded that his only option for making rent was to pawn it off to some sucker who still believed it harbored magical mind controlling properties. Verge had long since given up on activating any sort of powers from the amulet himself and had settled on using it as a tool for picking up chicks for weeks.

Dressed to impress, Verge rode his overpriced motorcycle down to club Amorous to make a deal with a promising and attractive new buyer, fully intending to get some hot tail on the side. To his surprise, the lucky lady was Queen Amber herself in disguise, using the raptors impulses against him to lure him into her trap and recapture her tremendous power and control over not only kobolds this time, but the entire city.


Running out of ways to keep ahead of his impulsive spending habits, Verge offered to share his high-rise apartment with his dad Byrant, so long as the monstrous rex shared his half of the stolen goods. The two lived comfortably for a time before bills piled up once again.



Beat and humbled, Verge would need all the help he can get to beat Amber and restore her army of horny monsters.

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