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Cars, E-Sports, Weed

A cocky young playboy who is in and out of relationships due to fear of commitment. He likes to have sex with no strings attached, often ghosting the following day.

He likes to love-bomb friends with gifts and praise, but can grow distant if they try to get to know him too quickly. He warms up slowly, needing distance.

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A Wild Friendship

Dustin and Tyler remained closed friends after highshool, planning to join a fraternity together had either of them went to college. Instead, Dustin went for the clubbing lifestyle, keeping afloat via tips from waiting tables as a barista downtown.

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After seeing his best friend arguing in public with his girlfriend, he knew there was some trouble in paradise, buying some beers and hanging out for the weekend to help reinvigorate his spirits. Little did he know that Tyler had acquired a new furry best friend in the form of Harley, a human-like feral canine with a lust for his owner.

Capitalizing on the situation, Dustin scored head from the mutt while pulling down Tylers pants, spreading his cheeks and presenting his ass to Harley. He would the situation pretty hot, cumming in the canines mouth. Knowing just how special Harley was, he came up with a clever scheme to get Tyler and his girlfriend Paige back together. Dustin would drop Harley off at Paige's apartment, teaching him secret commands to fuck her. The ploy worked, causing Paige to become addicted to the feral dog's knotted rocket.

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Dustin starred in the Steam game Amorous as a dateable character, having recently broken up with an angry ex-boyfriend. While Dustin does not directly mention his sexual escapades with Harley, he does state the coffee shop he works for is named 'Man's Best Friend'.

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