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Surfing, Campfires, Music

A carefree boy next door hitchhiking across the outback. He is well mannered and soft spoken, avoiding being the center of attention at noisy parties.

He would much rather hang out with a couple of close friends and tell stories while roasting marshmallows beneath a starry night sky. He likes having spontaneous sex in the back of his pickup truck.

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Bareback in the Outback

Marty found out he was gay after playing contact sport all throughout his last year of high-school, getting roasted for being the one player who has a hardon after every game during showertime in the lockeroom. He would play it off that he just really gets into the game, but he really finds his friends attractive.

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Lacking the courage to come out at school, Marty tried online dating, sexting with cute boys his age from across the globe. He would grow closely attached to a twinky bird named Coby, getting up early every morning waiting for another nude to be sent to his phone. Marty now had the perfect masturbation material before his games, allowing him to hang out with his friends without feeling awkward.

While Marty would have plans to travel the world and see his online boyfriend, a lack of savings would get in his way after buying a new truck. They could however, meet half-way at a convention where he lost his virginity fucking his long-distance boyfriend. While they had a great weekend together, distance became a major hurdle over the next year, breaking it off.

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Marty now travels across the outback, busking for money as he visits each town on his journey. He likes to hookup with gay men that seek a sense of adventure.

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