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Sheering Sheep

Getting Sheered, BDSM

A curvy teenager who recently celebrated their 18th birthday by joining Bareback Valley. She is tired of being treated like a delicate princess by her upper-class parents, wanting to be ravaged by cowboys.

She wants no hold nothing back in regards to her treatment on the ranch, consenting to full BDSM, swings and being sheered down as a new fetish.

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Soft and Bound

Molly is the newest hire onto Bareback Valley, having just turned 18 the previous week. She gets very excited by the prospect of having sex, causing tremors and fidgeting. To calm her nerves, she requested to be tied up with BDSM straps until she was completely immobilized, suspended in a sex swing.

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Molly was given the stall closest to the entrance, making her first week on the job an endless gauntlet of customers wanting to give her a visit. She insisted on being thrown into the deep end of sex work, hoping to raise enough money over the summer to go to college. She has aspirations of being a fashion designer, making her own line of clothing themed around wool.

She can get quite soft and fluffy when her wool fully grows out, but likes to keep it sheered short so that she doesn't overheat from getting fucked in the barn all day. Since it grows back in pretty quick, getting to shave Molly is a bonus perk of hiring her services. Her wool is collected at the end of the night to knit into Bareback Valley sweaters and socks. Half the time she does not know who is fucking her or how many men are taking turns, as she likes to work while wearing a blindfold.

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Molly's enjoys taking a long bath at the end of the day to wash all of the cum off her body before it gets sticky. She uses her own custom mix of conditioner and bodywash to keep her wool soft and pillowy for the following day on the job.

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