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Pink Bellied Pig

Glory Holes, Apples

A young horny teenager who wants to live out his gay farm fantasies. He would happily offer his body as a cocksleeve for free, but getting payed is the cherry on top of an already sweet deal.

He plays into his character of the adorable pet piglet that doesn't speak, using creative body language to seduce his clients into whipping out their dicks.

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Pushing that Piggy

While Duncan is one of the younger employees of Bareback Valley, he quickly became a main attraction for his spunky personality and bottom power. Due to his popularity and demand among clients, he is the highest payed talent on the farm.

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Duncan doesn't want his visitors to nutt immediately, hoping to get a full 15-30 minutes before they swap places with the next guy in line. He'll make them work for it, wearing cute daisy dukes that they'll need to pull down themselves if they want access to his plump ass. If his client does cum early, he'll keep himself amused with his miniature horse neighbor Chance, who has his own glory-hole for those slow days on the job.

He took an immediate liking to Austin, the new farm-hand hire who nervously stumbled into his stall during initiation day. Wanting to cause a little bit of trouble, Duncan worked up Austin to the point of wanting to fuck before he could even sign a contract. Knowing he can push Austin's buttons, Duncan hopes he'll get a longer chance to break him in, showing him who the top pig of the property really is.

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Duncan's daisy dukes aren't actually his, but are stolen from Cassie. She was too embarrassed to ask for them back, buying a new pair.

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