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Rough Collie

Playing Fetch, Lemonade

A happy go lucky farm girl who thinks sex on a ranch is one of the hottest things ever. Her kink for exhibitionism and having sex in dangerous places inspired the birth of Bareback Valley as an official brothel for furries with a fetish for farms.

While the business side of things go over her head, she is a natural when it comes to meeting new people.

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Working up a Thirst

Cassie loved to spend time on Hugh's farm even as a young pup. She always had a crush on him, but patiently waited until her 18th birthday to finally be allowed to pounce him for some casual sex. She would invite all of her friends over to the farm so they could do the same thing.

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While she isn't as business savvy as her boss, she did come up with the idea to serve    home-made lemonade to the customers, earning a little bit of pocket money on the side. Meanwhile, Hugh was busy turning the barn into a fully-fledged brothel, hosting of all her horny furry friends. She believes hospitality is key to a happy customer, hoping that maybe she might get a little bit of sex on the side if she does a good job.

She thinks the new farm-hand Austin is really cute, hoping he gets the job so they can hang out and chat more every day. Cassie sometimes wishes she was in one of those barn stalls all tied up and getting fucked by who knows what when things get quiet. She will offer her friends some refreshments and an opportunity to tag out so they can take a break, but has gotten in trouble a couple of times to interrupting clients.

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Cassie hopes to pounce on Austin sometime soon to break the sexual tension, but has been waiting for the right day to do it.

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