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Dairy Cow

Getting Milked, Cooking

A middle-aged housewife who lives next door to Bareback Valley. She enjoys baking pies for her neighbor Hugh Dixon and his guests, who took an interest in seeing Delilah in the stalls.

She is still a bit shy about being naked, but some see her timid demeanor as her most endearing trait. Others simply want to suck on her huge breasts.

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Dairy Bell Queen

Looking for new ways to spice up the business, Hugh convinced his neighbor Delilah to strip down and join his growing cast of prostitutes. While she isn't as young as the other attractions, Delilah's massive Double D breasts are easily milked like traditional dairy cow, leading to a new line of kinky products.

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Clients are willing to pay top dollar to taste Delilahs milk straight from the source, sucking her lactating tits during sex or hooking her up to the mechanical pumps to make her squirm. While her breasts can get quite tender and red by the end of a long shift, having her nipples stimulated daily has caused her to develop a fetish for being milked, making her wet.

While she lacks the stamina to be a spunky power bottom, her motherly figure appeals to many clients in it's own ways, smothering young men with her soft chubby body, wrapping her arms around them while they cuddle-fuck her. When a client wants her to do all the work, she will give them a milky tit-job, causing a slippery mess. When Delilah is feeling adventurous, she will offer her customers anal, so long as they go slow and gentle.

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Delilah makes delicious pies and deserts for her clients on weekends, using her own dairy for the recipes.

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