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Hugh Dixon

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Farming, Belt Buckles

A big burly cowboy who isn't afraid to get his hands a little dirty run a brothel filled with horny furries.

While prostitution has been legalized, he is the first to host a brothel inside of a barn, theming it around the rustic farmers lifestyle. Having sex in stalls, milking and other fetishes can cause controversy, so he keeps a low profile by using his farm as a front.

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Welcome to Bareback Valley!

Hugh is a simple man of simple pleasures, loving the country lifestyle and embracing all those that share his passion. He would become quite popular among furries who find the stereotype of strong, rustic cowboy as sexy. After having multiple hookups across his farm, he came up with a brilliant idea.

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Hugh realized that horny men and girls would pay top dollar for the experience he had on offer, a true to the earth farm-sex experience. He would hire on furries that helped fit the theme, ranging from sheep to dairy cows that felt right at home in the barn environment. To further enhance the immersion for his clients, he encouraged his employees not to speak, and would pay them more if they consented to milking machines, sex-swings and BDSM.

Naming his new brothel Bareback Valley, his farm quickly became a hit sensation. Some would try to get the brothel shut down, questioning the safety standards of hosting sex parties in barn stalls. Regardless of his critics, Heugh wanted to expand his business, offering a position for a farm-hand he could trust. Austin appeared to be a good fit for the role, having his priorities set on working hard and impressing his new boss.

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Hugh has suspicions Austin will eventually crack and want to have sex with all the furries on his property. While he doesn't intend of firing the boy for stepping out of line, he is curious how long he will last knowing what goes on behind closed doors.

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