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Horseback Riding, Guitar

An introverted country boy with aspirations of working closer to home, having grown up on his families farm.

He suffers a great deal of anxiety talking to furries, especially around the subject of farming due to his history working with their feral counterparts. Learning Bareback Valley is a brothel helped ease the sexual tension with his new anthro colleagues.

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A Farmers Paradise

After losing his job as a janitor in the city, Austin was desperate for work before his last paycheck ran dry. He found a strangely worded ad in the local paper offering a minimum wage position as a farm-hand, something he used to do growing up.

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The name 'Bareback Valley' alone started to cause some red flags for Austin that their may be more to this job than the print implies. Regardless, he drove out to the remote location in hopes of scoring a new payroll. He was waved in by Cassie, a busty anthro collie who made multiple subtle hints of a happy ending if he took the gig. After having a firm handshake with owner Hugh Dixon, he was given a tour of all the attractions the ranch has on offer.

Austin quickly discovered that the farm was simply a front for a furry-themed brothel, featuring an assortment of anthro species commonly associated with the farm life. Each barn stall came equipped with it's own fetishes and gimmicks, ranching from milking machines to tight daisy dukes and apples for the twinky male pig Duncan. After a moments hesitation, Austin signed his new contract to care and manage his new furry friends.

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Austin would grow jealous of all the patrons that got to have fun in the barn while he did all the hard labor out front. Waiting for Heugh to fall asleep, he snuck into the barn during his lunchbreak to have some one on one fun in each stall.

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