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Miniature Horse

Poetry, D&D, ERP

A well endowed LARPer who likes to lose himself in the moment. He sees Bareback Valley as the perfect opportunity to get into character as a noble stallion held in a sex dungeon against his will. Evil monsters are trying to siphon his cum mana away so he can't cast any spells to escape. He gets his cock milked multiple times a day due to his talent for getting hard shortly after orgasm.

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Sex Dungeon Master

Chance discovered his love for medieval times after binging every season of his favorite fantasy war drama. His favorite characters were always the regal knights in shining armor. He would fantasize that he was their loyal steed, playing out gay romances with the lead characters.

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Chance and his friends would get together once a month for live action roleplay, getting in cosplay and playing out mighty battles in the open fields near Bareback Valley. He would quickly befriend and invite Cassie to his group, helping her make a character sheet.

After learning that the farm was actually a brothel, Chance thought it was the perfect opportunity to live out his favorite erotic roleplay scenarios. Being tied up, fucked and milked in a sex dungeon became his new favorite character development for his knight. He would try to test his resolve by holding off his orgasm as long as possible, conserving his mana.

Chance is addicted to getting off multiple times a day, having a hard time thinking straight if his balls haven't been emptied recently. He has his own glory-hole so his neighboring stall buddy Duncan can suck him off to cover the slack on slow days.

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Getting fully immersed into character is Chance's secret to longer orgasms.

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