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Plated/Feathered Raptor
Hiking, Graffiti, Porn

A hopeless romantic who wants nothing more than to be dominated in the bedroom. She spends most of her day fantasizing about how she will be ravaged, making her a bit naive to the outside world.

She considers her nymphomania as a blessing, falling in love with bad boys, worshiping their cocks and getting fucked in the ass as a form of punishment.


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Wholesome Family Fun

Gen grew up sheltered and over-protected as an only child, spending most of her time cooped up in her parents home playing by herself.
Once a week, she would have supervised play-dates with other young kids, hitting it off with a little boy raptor named Vergence.

Genesis Vergence Kids.jpg

The two small raptors would wrestle, taking turns mounting each other. Her mother considered the rough play as harmless fun, and that it was healthy for Gen to be making a friend that could help occupy her time while they were busy with work.

Verge began visiting Genesis at her home to play while she was home alone, making a new private rule that no clothes are allowed as she would tug on them for an unfair advantage.

Hitting puberty at legal age, Gen would find herself wet from Verge hotdogging his erect cock against her ass as he overpowered her, pinning her down and declaring victory. Gen wasn't ready to give up however, declaring that there's a new winning condition for their game.

rough uphbringing thumb sex press.jpg
Dick pull Out.jpg

The raptors were too busy losing their virginity to realize that her parents had come home early and were walking around the house as they were having anal sex.

They almost got away with it, but Gen's loud euphoric moans as her boyfriend buried his knot into her as was enough commotion for her mothers boyfriend Kane to investigate, walking in to see the green raptors balls draped over her daughters rump, dripping cum down to her quaking pussy. Gen could barely look her father in the eyes as he stormed into the room.


Kane was furious, demanding they break it up immediately before he physically intervenes. Genesis politely explained that her boyfriend has his knot stuck and isn't going anywhere until he calms down and that putting him under pressure wasn't helping.

She would start by sucking his dick to get him nice hard and coated in a glossy spit shine before letting him take her down to the floor again. Lifting her tail and reaching back to help him aim for her ass. His new objective would be to fuck her hard enough to get his knot stuck before cumming.


Gen's mother was also in the room at this point, crowding around the two stuck raptors and giving them a verbal lecture. Her parent insisted Verge tries harder to unstuck himself, causing him to thrust back and forth in vein, trying not to get more excited then he already was.

Kane was not willing to leave the room and wait for Gen's sexual escapade to finish on it's own, He grabbed Verge by the tail and yanked him skywards, popping out the raptors knot before he could even finish cumming, sending ropes down Gen's back and spilling down to her inner thighs.


Leaving the Nest

Genesis was grounded for a month for her behavior, but that didn't slow either of them down. Finding ways to hook up with her boyfriend against her mothers boyfriend's wishes became the ultimate thrill. Helping him climb into her bedroom at night and through the back door during the day.

Genesis And Mitsu.png
Genesis Candy.png

Feeling their efforts were futile, Gen was given the ultimatum that if she didn't begin respecting her mothers space, she would be kicked out of the home. Genesis refused to put her sex life on pause, getting a casual job to help save for moving out with her boyfriend.

Kanes directed his attention at intimidating her boyfriend to back off his daughter, creating an obsession with beating the young green raptor at his own game.

In an ironic twist of fate, Gen discovered Kane had been making revenge porn using her phone, having a three-way with her boyfriend while she was studying. While her mother was apologetic for taking things too far, Gen ran away from home regardless to have space.

Imbued with a new rebellious attitude, Gen would spend the next year couch surfing, having casual hookups and get involved in petty crimes. Her new tough girl persona garnered quite the reputation, only ever consenting to sex if it's anal. Gossip would run wild as to who will be the first to break the record.

Caught in a Bind

Another year would pass, dealing drugs and joining a gang to sustain her lifestyle. Her rampant promiscuity and taunting of other gang members made her a liability when trading drugs for cash. To avoid being kicked out, she began binding her chest to blend in with the boys.

Genesis Train Orgy.png

Her efforts to go unseen were in vein, sweetening deals by offering gang-bang after every deal, losing her vaginal virginity in the process.

Gen realized that she is worth more than merely a vessel for sexual gratification, taking her share of money and fleeing to the outskirts of the city. She purchased a small cabin in the woods she could call her own, exploring deep into the jungle with her bow.

It was here she would reconnect with Vergence, sneaking up from behind and forcing her against a tree. Gen was quickly muzzled and her pants pulled down to be fucked in her ass. After half an hour of aggressive sex, Verge insisted Gen returned home, as it wasn't safe.

Verge Gen Jungle.jpg
Genesis Jungle.png

Gen would wander the swamp until the dark of night, losing her sense of direction within the thick fog, making it difficult to see in any direction. The green glow she had been searching for bubbled up around her, as a huge Voodoo Gator burst out of the water, Knocking her out. She would wake up in the Gators den, surrounded by water in every direction.

She would be stripped of all her possessions fucked senseless for days. Her mental state slowly being broken as any attempts to swim away would be easily thwarted.

Obediently, Genesis would cater to the Gators whims, feeding from his cum so that she would not starve, sleeping on his belly to keep warm. Earning his trust, the Gator eventually carried her back down to the outskirts of the city so that she can have a life of her own.


Genesis ignored his warnings and attempted to follow Vergence back to his camp, but soon realized that his tracks were covered. Instead, she would cautiously step into a waist high swamp that had a faint green glow upon it's horizon.


Genesis VodooGator.png

Dazed, naked and afraid, Genesis was too ashamed to ask her parents for help. Instead, she decided to live out on the streets as a drug dealer, offering her body in exchange for whatever she could sell for a high price at the local clubs.

Gen quickly found out that her new look made her unrecognizable even to her father, not only netting her access to the club, but a fun romp behind the dumpster with the man she always idealized. Gen was uniquely immune to the mind control effects of Queen Amber, who used her subjects temptations and desires to bring out their horny monster. Genesis however, was already living at the whims of her horny desires, allowing her to use her new monstrous form to help Vergence and his friends fight back Amber's army of loyal subjects and transformed minions overtaking the city.

Bare Backstreets

BareBack Streets-20.png

Making a name for herself underground to establish a dealing turf, Gen set her eyes on Amorous. It was easily the biggest party destination and talk of the town. 

As a cruel twist of fate, her father Kane had picked up a gig as the new bouncer and identified his daughter with relative ease, kicking her to the curb, as well as her ability to deal on that block without risk of getting arrested.

Frustrated, Gen opted to try the drugs of her immediate competition, a young masked girl selling a fancy new pink drug named Venom. She sat in the alley alone to smoke.


Unbeknownst to Gen was that Venom was no simple street drug, it's psychedelic effects were all too real, transforming her body from small and lithe, to mature and voluptuous in mere moments. Gen merely shrugged this change off as a hallucination induced from her high, playing along with her intoxicating aphrodisiac.

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