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Verge's Mother

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Piercings, Bodypaint

With her current whereabouts and status unknown, Verge's mother is a distant memory of her younger self, looking almost exactly like her adult son, but in female form and missing his blue facial markings.

She was described as being very nurturing, willing to place her own life in danger to ensure her son could live in the city aware from his warmongering father.

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The Enigmatic MILF

During her youth, Verge's mum grew up the jungle as a hunter, mastering the bow. She hoped her display of strength would impress the reigning war-chief, a huge muscular Rex named Byrant. She joined his harem among other females of various species and tribes hoping to impress him.

Byrant cared little for the combat prowess of his potential wife, instead gauging their attractiveness based on how well they take his 12 inch cock. Most of the smaller species that offered their bodies to him passed out from exhaustion. Wanting to stay one step ahead, Verge's mother would offer anal sex, giving her more room to work with compared to her rather small, petite vagina. This method would satiate the man beast for years, earning her place beside him in marriage as matriarch of the tribe.

After giving birth to Vergence, she would live a reasonably peaceful life raising her son for a few years while her husband ruled over the jungle. She would go missing after fleeing to the city with her child in her arms after home fell under attack by other factions.

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