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Feathered/Horned Raptor

Cooking, Cucking

Mother of Genesis and Kanes lover. She frequently finds herself daydreaming about what her daughter and her boyfriend are up to while at work, getting excited to hopefully catch a little bit of the action with her husband when she gets home.

She believes Gen being a horny teenager is just taking after her mother, as she would gladly swap places.

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The Way Mum Used to Make

Mariko found herself pregnant at the age of 18, struggling as a single mother to keep up her promiscuous lifestyle, being addicted to exhibitionism of raw unprotected sex anywhere, with anyone who was brave enough to approach her for it. After her daughters 18th birthday, she has tried to be more mature.

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As their daughter grew up, it became more difficult to find time to keep up their wild sex life, settling into the role of a parent. Mariko needed to pick up a job, needing to leave Gen in daycare with other small kids during the day. Mariko's job began paying good money, allowing Genesis to be homeschooled. Since Gen didn't get to socialise with other kids much, they would let her daycare friend Vergence stay over while she was at work.

Genesis never let on to her mother that she had become sexually active, always playing innocent, asking for cookies and pretending to be naive about being old enough to have sex.

After walking in on her daughter getting knotted, Mariko became insatiably curious as to what other escapades the two had been hiding, and if she could be included in the fun.

Mariko began intentionally bringing snacks in to the teens anytime she thought they may be fucking, hoping to catch them at awkward moments.

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She stopped wearing panties around the house after Verge gave her a few hints that she was a MILF. After baiting Verge into the kitchen by himself with the scent of a freshly baked batch of cookies (and wet pussy), he fucked her over the kitchen counter. Lacking a filter, Mariko spilled the beans to her boyfriend Kane that night, making him insecure and sparking the events of Lesson Learnt. While Mariko has thought about settling down with Kane, she isn't quite ready to give up her open relationship status, finding all the attention her daughter receives as an exciting new element to her sex life.

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