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Canine (Nonbipedal)
18 (Dog Years)

Mounting, Humping

An intelligent feral with human-like awareness and consent. He likes to roam around the neighborhood sniffing out other gay dogs that will fuck him, switching to a dominant role when mounting anthros.

He is a quick learner, jumping on any opportunity to satisfy his master, adapting to what makes them tick by studying how they respond to sexual advances.

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A Very Good Boy

Harley was always a horn-dog around his block, having anal sex with the other stray males in the neighborhood park, serving as the hotspot for hookups. If lucky, he would even tap the pets of anthros when let off their leash and out of view of their owners.

Harley Thumb A.jpg

He would see Tyler walking home in a slump, using his adorable nature to coax the young teen to let Harley accompany him back to his apartment for some cheering up.

Taking bath-time as an invitation to get freaky, Harley tested the waters with his new friend by lunging at his dick, licking and nuzzling to gauge his reaction. Tyler would be slow to warm up to Harley, taking a nap in hopes of calming down. Waiting until his new owner was asleep, Harley snuck under the bedsheets to lap at his dick, causing a wet dream.

Seeing this made his owner happy, Harley would take things one step further by crawling in bed to be the little spoon, grinding his ass against his owners crotch during the middle of the night. Tyler would mistake Harley for his girlfriend, having anal sex with his new pet instead.

Harley Thumb B.jpg

Having fully conditioned his owner, Harley would being mounting Tyler during the day to satisfy himself, making him walk around the house bottomless and knotting him anytime he began to feel pent up. Harley would soon become very popular among Tyler's close friends, inspiring creative threeways.

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