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Long walks, Petplay

A hard working teenager who feels her boyfriend is becoming overbearing about sex. She doesn't feel he takes the relationship seriously or that they have much in common beyond going to the same school.

She discovered an affinity for Tyler's new pet dog, something she now shares with her boyfriend as a way to help them be kinky in bed together.

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Cats Just Don't Cut It!

Putting her own future first, Paige finds her boyfriends lack of ambition as naive and childish. Dating for roughly a year, Paige began ghosting her boyfriend when the subject of having sex for the first time came up. She asked for a break after Tyler showed up to her workplace, making an embarrassing scene.

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Paige believed that there was little she would gain from staying in a relationship with someone so clingy and dependent. All Tyler seemed to care about was himself, ignoring her needs. Paige decided to focus on herself while Tyler had some much needed thinking time.

After two weeks, they planned a lunch to discuss the future of their relationship. Tyler seemed to have a far happier attitude a new mature enthusiasm towards having space. Paige could not help but assume he had already moved on to another girl, feeling hurt.

Paige begrudgingly agreed to look after her friend Dustin's new pet dog for the weekend while he was out of town. She soon learned that the canine was trained for sex, mounting her after her vigorous exorcise, fucking her with his thick red rocket.

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Paige taught her new canine friend command phrases to initiate, taking him to the beach and having a quickie while nobody was looking. Dustin revealed that her new feral friend was actually owned by her boyfriend, opening a door for them to reconnect.

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