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Gaming, Pets, Long Walks

A struggling teenager trying to make his relationship work with his off/on again girlfriend. He doesn't have any defining skill or talents that separates him others, but he does have a warm enough heart to take in a homeless stray dog and give them a bath.

He would quickly grow attached to his new companion after multiple sexual advances had been initiated.

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Feral Friendship

Tyler never really considered himself much of a dog person, being born into a family of anthro felines, there would be a stigma around the culture of owning or dating canines of any variety. Regardless, Tyler found himself flirting with a female canine classmate named Paige.

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Tyler felt that Paige was taking the relationship too slow for his liking, dating for over a year without sex and seemingly placing him in the friend zone anytime he made advances. His pushy attitude would put the relationship on ice, taking a break from each other to focus on work. Not having a job, Tyler spiraled into a depression, feeling invalidated.

Feeling as though there was nothing left to lose, he shared the other half of his club sandwich with the stray dog that came up to sit beside him, following him home. After giving the dog a bath in his apartment, he would grow attached enough to name him Harley.

Tyler would quickly learn Harley was a very intelligent, human-like dog that wanted more than a simple master/pet relationship, lunging for Tylers dick and mounting him on multiple occasions. He would not even catch a break in his dreams, appearing as an anthro.

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News of Tyler's new feral friend would spread to his best friend Dustin, who schemed a way that Harley could help get Paige and Tyler back together, using Harley's knotted dog dick as an icebreaker, The three are now considered a happy, albeit strangely kinky family.

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