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A hellspawn who invades the dreams of young deviants, corrupting them down the path of degeneracy. She feels hell is cramping her style, dealing with tortured souls who scream too much.

She would much rather fuck all the innocent, soft creatures inhabiting the surface, She can be summoned under special circumstances.

Fall From Grace to a Better Place

Calypso earliest memory was waking up in the demon world, naked and afraid. At the the time she was still completely human, sporting blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes. Each time she succumbed to the desires of a demon, she would slowly corrupt into a succubus, taking on it's features such as horns and a tail.

She did manage to find the gate back to the surface early enough in her transformation to reverse the effects and regain her humanity, but determined that whatever her old lifestyle was doesn't compare to having your own cock that can shoot a load across the room.

Occupying the second circle of hell associated with lust, Calypso breeds newcomers to her dominion passing through to the greater depths. Tortured souls don't always make for the best sexual partners, opting for her fellow demons when her victims can't keep up.

She is considered a low level demon that is relatively harmless to the surface world. This allows her to blend into the realm of mortals with little effort. She can grow quite irritable if she does not get to nutt every few hours, her balls beginning to ache if it lasts over a day.

Calypso likes to target sleeping mortals who are already having degenerate dreams, taking them into a deeper sleep and giving them wet dreams.
If they dream about her more than once, she may decide to appear while they are awake to see if they are horny enough to fuck her donut butthole,

or be fucked by all 9 inches of her corrupted demon cock.

Calypso Circle
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