Bumble Bee

Flowers, Insects, Honey

A young Entomologist who wants to make her own honey tea. She likes to take long walks down the grasslands picking out the best flowers.

Pollen is an incredibly potent aphrodisiac for Bree. She can get horny enough that she will strip on the spot and grind her vagina against clusters of flowers. Having sex in a bed of flowers is her dream fantasy.

Sweet As Honey

Bree's geeky interests and bipolar sex drive makes it difficult to make many friends at high-school, keeping to herself and staying home on any public holiday that may involve flowers being exchanged between student such as Valentines Day. She is highly intelligent for her age, but lacks social skills.

She tries to get the bulk of her studies done in the winter, as she feels she can best focus while all the plants are in remission. As soon as spring kicks in however, she can hardly get anything done for months due to her hyper-active sex drive around pollen.

Bree finds it very difficult to turn someone down that brings her flowers, often sleeping with them on the same night. She has a fetish for masturbating and being eating out while using honey as the appetizer.

Bree Circle

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