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Old Enough
Star Gazing, Absorbtion

An androgynous blue-eyed creature made entirely of a gooey green sticky substance. His body is partially translucent, bubbling and dripping to maintain his form. Aylie can be molded like clay to change his proportions and appendages to his owners whim.

He cannot digest normal food. Instead subsisting entirely from cum and long naps to absorb it's protein.

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Aylie slime monster creature alien gender fluid transform Kabier Jasonafex Furry Kabscorner Twink

☊⎍⋔ ⟟⋏ ⋔⊬ ⏃⌇⌇?

Aylie was 'born' in a basement, repurposed into a makeshift laboratory, occupying a transparent glass cylinder about the size of a water bottle. Upon watching his creator watch porn on the neighboring computer, her took the shape of fleshlight and knocked himself over near the keyboard.

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Aylie did not react to any other stimulant, but cum would send his slime into rapid growth, multiplying and doubling in mass over the night. By daybreak, Aylie had escaped his capsule and snuck into the bedroom, being big enough now to create enough leverage to suck dick.

After multiple climaxes over several weeks, Aylie slowly matured to his real adult form. Or at least the closest derivative after absorbing so much foreign DNA. He partially takes on the wants and desires of his sexual partners, shaping himself into their ideal proportions.

Aylie peaks at  5,2" inches tall, making him a bit of a short stack. He lacks vocal cords, only able to speak in garbled gibberish. While Aylie does not normally feel pain, he can learn by watching, including forming his own prostrate to shoot his own blue plasma out of a makeshift slime cock. You can help Aylie make his own cum by finishing in him first,

so he has more to work with when fucking you in return.

Aylie Squeedgemonster Fanart

He has a hard time in orgies, as he can get a bit cum drunk and turn pale, needing a nap.
It's uncertain if Aylie is using sex to grow more powerful for a greater goal, or a simple creature doing it for the fun and love of his masters.


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