Minty Sparkles



Camming, Yoga, Organizing

Mintelle, or better known as Minty Sparkles by his fans, is dedicated to his craft of pleasing. He'd do anything for his viewers, as long as it racked in that sweet dough. 
While he does a damn good job at faking cheap moans and expressions for his precious fanbase to splurge on. Some of his diehard fans may notice that he only ever cums on camera on occasion, which could be a sign that he's actually been properly pleased.

Starting as a mere camboy, Minty would post frequent streams of himself, fulfilling hours worth of requests for any of his viewers to enjoy.

Being naturally flexible and being able to fake his emotions, he was great at putting on shows for his audience. So much so, that within a year of his barely legal cam show career, he was bumped up to a legitimate porn star, his main attractions being his slim body, flexibility, and cuteness factor. His porn career allowed him to be extra creative now, exploring many different angles and fun plots.

From playing a student all the way to summoning a demon for a porn plot, Minty has a video to please any one of his viewers.

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